View Plastic Surgery - All about Thread Lift !!

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All about Thread Lift 
What is a Thread Lift ?

A customized life is done considering the thickness of skin and direction of the wrinkles.
 For 20s and 30s who have uneven facial line due to sagging cheeks can have surgery without burdens, and the tightened facial line is completed by high frequency care.

What is a Thread Lift ?

It is a wrinkles treatment procedure in which sagging and wrinkled skin is tightened with developed thread and needle without incision and desquamation on the face. 
View Plastic Surgery use a excellent product acquired the mark from FDA of USA and CE of UK that is harmless to humans and dissolves inside the body 6 months later.

Kind of Thread

                       Omega lift         Smart lift           Mint lift            Tess lift

View’s specificity of thread lift

-       1 : 1 customized care : Lift is done considering thickness of skin and direction of wrinkles.
-       Natural lift : Natural lift is available as three-dimensional.
-       No scar : The developed special thread is inserted without incision of even 1 mm.
-       Skin tightening care : Facial line is completed by high frequency care after lifting
-       Less burden of anesthesia : Use local anesthesia or sedeation.

*In case of Tess lift, it can have small scar by using incision. (Refer how to Tess lift of the bottom)

Who needs for thread lift?

1.     For those who think they have double chin and severe sagging skin.
2.     For those who worry about thick smile line.
3.     For those who worry about a scar
4.     For those who want to have long lasting effect.
5.     For those who want to have procedure with short time.

How to Thread lift

1.     Omeag, Mint, Smart

Step 1 : The developed thread is inserted considering skin texture and degree of sagging based on personal needs
Step 2 : Make the thread hang on the skin touching the skin texture smoothly.
Step 3 : Immediate results are visible after procedure.

2.     Tess lift

Step 1 : Design the surgical area
Step 2 : Make a small hole inside the head in the area in front of the ear and insert 
             a pipe like a straw
Step 3 : Specially developed Tess is inserted inside the pipe
Step 4 : A net shaped like a ribbon is hung to the skin and the pipe is extracted. 
             The thread that has escaped outside the hole is pulled together with the                flat net.
Step 5 : The stitches on the surface of the skin will be removed 7 days later.

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View Plastic Surgery - All about Thread Lift !!
View Plastic Surgery - All about Thread Lift !!
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