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All about Fat grafting
What is Fat grafting?

View Plastic Surgery makes natural volume with thorough inserting the fat and delicate molding through only View’s various experiences and know-how.

What is fat grafting?

Fat grafting means that fat is harvested from the fat-rich area such as abdomen and thigh, and then fat will be inserted around the cheek, forehead and so on after using a centrifuge for harvesting the pure fat. It is effective for flat face to make volume and realign wrinkles and dent areas. Some of inserted fat is absorbable , otherwise the inserted fat can be permanent as patient’s own fat cell without rejection safely.

The part of procedure

Forehead wrinkles
In case of flat forehead can have volume quickly and naturally without interruption for daily life.

Glabella wrinkles
If there is deep wrinkles like a stream letter of Chinese character() on the glabella, you can undergo difficulty for personal relationship. In this case, the gentle impression can be acquired by removing the wrinkles and making full the glabella through fat grafting.

Drooped around the eyes
The young person worry about the bulging eyebags, while the old person have tired impression having less volume and sunken site. Furthermore, the sunken site under the eyes and wrinkles look more old appearance. What fill around the dent area can make you look more youthful.

Drooped cheek
With aging, the layer that covers on the face can be stretched so that facial line of the zygoma will be exposed severely. In this case, by inserting the fat on the cheek, you can get more youthful appearance.

Nasolabial fold
When there is severe nasolabial fold below the nostril wings, it can be corrected by inserting the implant. It is colloquially called ‘Paranasal Augmentation’. If the nasolabial fold is not severe, it can be improved by fat grafting.

The method of procedure

Step 1. Harvesting the fat
The fat cell must be harvested through a exclusive injection of fat grafting which is called ‘Cannula’. It is important to harvest the fat carefully for minimizing the damage of fat cell.

Step 2. Harvesting the pure fat
The first harvested fat has impurities such as blood, oil and wall of a cell. Therefore, the refinement process is needed for removing those impurities. This process using centrifugation performs to have concentrated fat and remove unless moisture.

Step 3. Inserting the fat
Fat is inserted by using a fine pipe of fat grafting. It needs to insert the fat a little for preventing uneven place, on the subcutaneous fat layer, muscle layer and periosteum layer evenly for increasing a engraftment rate.

Step 4. Molding
The face becomes smooth and beautiful through delicate molding refining the surface after fat grafting.

Tip. Self-care for high engraftment rate after procedure

1.     Do not rub the surgical area.
The fat can seem to be in a knot due to the swelling. If you rub for releasing the fat at this time, th inserted fat can be destructed, so it needs for attention. The swelling is going down 1 week later but a massage is possible after 2 months.

2.     Do not have diet !
Diet during a recovery time is one of the causes of disappearing the fat quickly.

3.     Avoid smoking and drinking !
Smoking and drinking after all of surgeries including fat grafting are causes of infection and severe pain, so it would better to have in 4 weeks later.

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View Plastic Surgery Korea - All about Fat Grafting ! (What is Fat Grafting ?)
View Plastic Surgery Korea - All about Fat Grafting ! (What is Fat Grafting ?)
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