View Plastic Surgery Korea - "To have confidence.." Before & After (Facial contouring+Eyelids surgery+Rhinoplasty)

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"To have confidence.."

So-Hee's surgery diary
Doll-line(V-line) + Zygoma reduction + Hairline lowering + Paranasal implant + Revisional eyelid surgery + lateral canthoplasty + lower canthoplasty + Rhinoplasty

I had hidden double eyelids, bulbous nose, uneven facial line and wide forehead. I couldn’t find anything that I like on my face. I needed some turning point to change myself completely because I had a lot of stresses and too much work. That’s why I had face off surgery.

1 Month Later
The swelling is reduced by applying the ice pack for several times and having the pumpkin juices. I took a walk around sometimes. The swelling around the eyes went down faster rather than my expectation. I have still some swelling around my chin and cheek. I am used to get high frequency laser and injection for anti-swelling and so on in the clinic. 

3 Months Later
This is finally 3 months later! The surgical area is placed well and the swelling of the biggest concern is almost gone~ I can eat most of foods even hamburger and sandwich, no problem~! I felt awkward when I saw my changed face at the first time, but I have confidence having compliments from my friends that my face become more up-grade rather than before.

6 Months Later

This is 6 months later. There is no unnatural things that makes me forget having surgery completely. I just fine everything! I gain weight a bit… maybe I am happy… I should have exercise for losing weight. I can’t control myself even if I heard I should not gain weight from the clinic.
I forget having pain from surgery since I really satisfied with my new face!

8 Months Later
When I had the big surgery in the early days, it is uncomfortable to eat foods and open my mouth, so I lost weight a lot. By the way I gain weight again because I can chew even hard foods..!

9 Months Later
This is 9 months later finally~! No one even know I had surgery. People say it just look my original face! At the first time, I didn’t speak about the surgery but I recommend plastic surgery to people who would like to be pretty!  This plastic surgery makes me change having confidence and becoming active person with even the plastic surgery! This kill 100 birds with one stone. Even though I never want to have surgery again in my life, I want to have surgery again to become more pretty… There are no limit to be pretty’s greedy..

Before & After

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View Plastic Surgery Korea - "To have confidence.." Before & After (Facial contouring+Eyelids surgery+Rhinoplasty)
View Plastic Surgery Korea - "To have confidence.." Before & After (Facial contouring+Eyelids surgery+Rhinoplasty)
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