View Plastic Surgery Korea - "I was a country girl..." Before & After (Nano Bimaxillary osteotomy)

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"Any hair styles is no probs!!!"

Yu na's surgery diary
Nano Bimaxillary Osteotomy + Doll Line(V-line) + Eyelids Reoperation + Lower Canthoplasty


I had protruded mandible and uneven facial line. It just looked countrified. I had nickname such as a country girl. Since it was so stressful, I had meridian massage and pushed my bone with the palm. Of course, there was no effect. That’s why I decided to have two-jaw surgery, facial contouring and eyelids reoperation. 


I could eat rice and side dishes well as 1 month later. The swelling reduced well at the first time but it is going down slowly now. My facial line becomes more slimmer and soft rather than first time because the swelling went down a lot. I can brush my teeth easily and clear and my two fingers can put inside my mouth. 

I lost track of time after 1 month of the surgery.  The time is in a hurry from the first day of the surgery to 2 month later. I feel I am recovering very fast. Sometimes I forget having nano bimaxillary osteotomy. HAHA. I can eat most of foods finally. I can chew the hard foods well and I don’t feel any discomfort things such as aftereffect. Every week, I can eat something I couldn’t eat before and everything becomes natural. My numbness is coming back until 60% like what I can feel twinged numb on my chin and the roof of my mouth. It seems that everything is a matter of time to return back my numb.

I can see my swelling is still going down every day with pictures, while I couldn’t feel too much when I saw the mirror. My facial line is becoming more natural and smooth. The numbness around the surgical area is almost gone. I just hope the left swelling in places will be reduced soon! I expect how the facial line becomes more pretty!

I still feel my swelling is going down whenever I see my pictures even if the swelling looks almost gone. The facial line is becoming more clear gradually. Even though I worried the swelling went down unevenly here and there as 4 months later, it is going down well as 5 month later so, my face look change more. There are still swelling on my both cheeks. I wonder my perfect face when the swelling is gone completely.

 One of the disadvantage is that I need to lie to my friends because the surgery is really natural without any obviousness. The braces was finished just few days ago so, the shape of my mouth looks more natural. Whenever I take pictures I have a question like how my facial line can be slimmer without photoshop. One of my friends said my facial line is really pretty whenever she see looks at me.


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View Plastic Surgery Korea - "I was a country girl..." Before & After (Nano Bimaxillary osteotomy)
View Plastic Surgery Korea - "I was a country girl..." Before & After (Nano Bimaxillary osteotomy)
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