View Plastic Surgery Korea - (Real Review) Natural-line Rhinoplasty Before & After

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Soo Hyun's surgery diary
Natural-line Rhinoplasty

I had bulbous and droopy tip of nose and hump nose. This shape of nose made me look ugly overall. Especially, the tip wasn’t pretty. I really wanted to have overall feminie nose tip. That’s why I decided to have rhinoplasty for feminie nose.

1~2 Months Later
I don’t know whether or not it is physical constitution, I didn’t have too much swelling. I just had a little bit swelling on my face. More than these, I had a bit discomfort until stitching out. It is amazing my nose becomes pretty. Even this nose job, people around me says I look completely different. I didn’t have the swelling as 1 month later. After 2 months, my tip of nose and line becomes more high and clear.

4 Months Later
This is 4 months later~! I feel it is my nose originally. The line is feminie and the bulbous is gone. Instead of round tip, the tip is clear and high! I just love it! From any angles, I feel totally different.
It is not too much high and pointed. My doctor made a customized surgical plan for me.

6 Months Later
The scar under the nose is gone and I never have feeling of irritation. It is enough to touch my nose carelessly… At the first time, I felt my both nostril looks asymmetry. However, after swelling wend down, it looks same each other~

Before & After

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View Plastic Surgery Korea - (Real Review) Natural-line Rhinoplasty Before & After
View Plastic Surgery Korea - (Real Review) Natural-line Rhinoplasty Before & After
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