VIEW Plastic Surgery Korea - (Real Review) Breast Augmentation Before & After

VIEW Plastic Surgery Korea

Ah Ra's surgery diary
Breast Augmentation

I had guessed I will be nervous on the day of surgery, but I was in serene state of mind.
Rather my mom was more nervous, so I set my mom at ease
After surgery like an hour, I was thirsty when the anesthesia wore off.
Before long I began to feel queasy. I just thought the surgery didn’t suit me.

The Day
 I left the hospital on the same day. I slept as soon as I went to home.
I worried about my condition, but there was nothing bad next day.
I could wash my hair just after 2 days. I could raise my arm better than I thought.

1 Month Later
I wore reshaping underwear and compression band more than 1 month.
Finally I escape from those as this 2 months later!
When my doctor said I don’t need reshaping underwear anymore, I felt on the top of the world. HAHA I felt refreshed !!!

 2 Months Later
My size became full C cup and small D cup.
I feel soft and I am really satisfied with my breast shape!
The clerk of underwear store told me my size is 75 D!! Amazing!!

8 Months Later
The scar on the armpit is fade away gradually.
Actually, it is not bother me from the first time.
I like this angle of the picture because it seems that I has completely S-line.

10 Months Later
Someone wonders whether it is obvious that I had breast augmentation or not, and the implant feeling as well. As my experience, the answer is time!
Likewise other plastic surgeries, breast is becoming natural more and more.
I can feel it completely!
Even though I had uneven surface on my breast, it disappeared within 2 months.
Of course, there will be difference depending on people.

1 Year Later
A cup size before surgery, D cup size after surgery !! Volume up!!
The shape and touch seem mine originally.
I never regret what I choose this size.

 Before & After

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VIEW Plastic Surgery Korea - (Real Review) Breast Augmentation Before & After
VIEW Plastic Surgery Korea - (Real Review) Breast Augmentation Before & After
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