VIEW Plastic Surgery Korea - (Real Review) Doll line+Ocluoplasty Before & After

VIEW Plastic Surgery Korea

Eun Ji's surgery diary
Doll line(V-line) + Zygoma reduction + Frontal cheek implant + Non-incision + Eyebrow lift

These pictures are taken before surgery. As you can see above pictures, I had uneven face line from frontal view. More than these, I have asymmetry face and protruded cheekbone that I should hide these with my hair whenever I take a picture. I have had oculoplasty before, but it still looks sleepy and not clear. That’s why I had ptosis correction together. 

2 Weeks Later
 This pictures are taken 3 days after surgery. I had too much swelling as you can see. Other patients also have the maximum swelling at 3~4 days later. It feels like my cheek is almost stuffed. The swelling started to go down from 5 days later. Not only facial bone contouring but also paranasal and eyes everything suffered. The picture of right side was 2 weeks later. That time I worried about my face line due to the left swelling. The nurse said I don’t need to worry about the swelling because it will go down gradually, so I just waited the time.

3 Months Later
 My side view becomes slim! My eyes is almost located well with no swelling. I can smile with my eyes like a half moon. I can open my mouth bigger and chew easily even though I don’t know whether I have quicker recovery time or not. However, I am careful to chew something like dried squid or hard food.

5 Months Later
 My double eyelid becomes natural and the scar under the eyebrow is fade away almost. It is difficult to see. In my case, my sensation of right side is coming back slowly rather than left side. I no bother my numbness because it will return back slowly.

7 Months Later
 I gain weight after I had baby, but I think it is fine, isn’t it? It is better than before surgery. Now, everyone asked me whether I gain weight or not.  HAHA. I love my new face! My face becomes from uneven face line to natural face line~

Before & After

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VIEW Plastic Surgery Korea - (Real Review) Doll line+Ocluoplasty Before & After
VIEW Plastic Surgery Korea - (Real Review) Doll line+Ocluoplasty Before & After
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