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< Sharp Rhinoplasty, Alar Redcution, Tip-reshaping 
like a doll with customized surgery! >

Rhinoplasty is that many people find it to become beautiful.
However, they think that they just want to have rhinoplasty.
There are many people who don’t know what kind of rhinoplasty they need, by the way!!

What is the Alar Reduction, what is the Tip-reshaping~~~
 It is confused when we find those information to fit my nose..

The surgery method should be different depending on individual nose shape like we have different fingerprint. Someone who has stubby nose needs a bulbous nose surgery, who has protruded bone on the bridge needs hump nose surgery, and some people needs crooked nose surgery due to innate or acquired effect.

Today, we would like to talk what Alar Reduction is, what Tip-reshaping is and who needs the rhinoplasty for those who have plan of rhinoplasty!
Take a look what kinds of surgery you need before consultation~!!

-------------------------[To whom needs Alar Reduction?]---------------------------

▶ For those who have wide and stubby nose
 For those who have inharmonious nose overall.
 For those who have flat nose due to wide alar.

Alar Reduction is literal alar.
It is a method which reduces the width of alar.
There are two kinds of method depending on the skin of alar.

In case of the thick skin of alar / How to reduce the skin tissue
Step 1 The skin below the both alar should be cut and put together.
Step 2 Complete slim and well refined nose.

In case of less skin tissue of alar / How to tie and put together inside the nose
Step 1 Make and design the width of alar and shape considering the face shape through consultation with the plastic surgeon.
Step 2 Incise under the nostril thinly and put together both nostrils with a suture thread.

It will be great helpful if you think what customized surgery is to you and have rhinoplasty consultation~~


In case of higher bridge but uncomely nose tip
 In case of higher bridge but short or long nose tip
 In case of subsided nose after rhinoplasty (Revisional Rhinoplasty)
 For those who want to change only nose tip after rhinoplasty (Revisional Rhinoplasty)

How to Tip-reshaping
Step 1 Make and design the shape and height of the tip considering facial harmony through consultation with plastic surgeon.
Step 2  Incise inside nose and put together septal cartilage, and then complete natural and beautiful nose tip.

Tip-reshaping is a procedure that completes overall beautiful nose line in case of flat or stubby nose tip. It can improve appearance from not only side view but also frontal view. 

Of course, we can’t decide alar reduction and tip-reshaping surely.
Thorough consultation should be accompanied with the plastic surgeon~!

There is a lot of Nose Plastic Surgery Clinic, so some people just consider the cost easily, but it is not right!

Rhinoplasty has high degree of revisional surgery, so it can be possible to pay expensive cost of the revisonal surgery. Like this, it is important to find a plastic surgery with professional plastic surgeon. The system of plastic surgery is also important!!

Nose Post-Operative Care

You should check A to Z such as whether or not hospital has medical accident and real-name surgery system, how is their safety perception and post-operative care. 

Please check from precise consultation, surgery, check up to responsibility of the plastic surgeon for whole process. 

If you worry about the rhinoplasty, we would like to recommend that you should choose the hospital after a lot of consultation.

View Plastic Surgery aims at safe and natural plastic surgery. 

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View Plastic Surgery Korea - Sharp Rhinoplasty, Alar Reduction, Tip-reshaping like a doll with customized surgery!
View Plastic Surgery Korea - Sharp Rhinoplasty, Alar Reduction, Tip-reshaping like a doll with customized surgery!
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